The Owner


Dave Vetelino has an innovative and refreshing take on approaching landscapes.


From a young age he has admired and moved through nature with an appreciation

for it and looks to create spaces for his clients that are renewing and atypical.

A graduate from the University of Rhode Island, a MCH (Massachusetts Certified

Horticulturist) and over fifteen years of experience in the field, gives him the expertise

he needs to know how best to care for your yard and landscape.  

The Company -

Vetelino Landscape Inc. itself is a first class residential and commercial landscape contracting company, dedicated to the highest level of excellence within the industry.


It is our commitment to provide our customers unique, creative, functional, and most importantly, sustainable landscapes.

These rigorous standards are achieved by using the highest quality soils, plants, and capable equipment to execute our

projects efficiently, effectively, and surpass our clients' expectations. 

Additionally, our employees continually exhibit professionalism both on and away from the job site. Our staff members are passionate, highly trained, and educated individuals whose talents meld to and add depth to our team and a unique feel of camaraderie. Their desire to be stewards of the landscape lead them to continual educational opportunities through seminars about the latest and best practices within the green industry. 

Dave with Jackson