Landscape Design & Construction


Whether you are looking to renovate an existing landscape or have a new build on the horizon, Vetelino Landscape Inc. is up for the task. With over 20 years of experience, David Vetelino is well immersed in designing and executing visions from your mind into your landscape. A new build or a renovated landscape not only increases the value of your home, it brings a landscape that creates a unique environment created by you to life. Also, the selection of native and hardy plants help coalesce your landscape with the environment that is surrounded.  There is nothing more satisfying then being surrounded by beautiful, native plants that bring an astute, aesthetical value to you, and bragging rights to your friends.

Over the years, Vetelino Landscape Inc. has developed a process to get from start to finish when it comes to your landscape project:

Our Landscape & Design Services List: 


- Plant Selection/Installation: Plants are selected by both their aesthetic value and their appropriateness for their location within the landscape, be them sun or shade loving, or a variety that needs to be resistant to deer. We want the best plants that will thrive within the conditions at your home. 

- Hardscape: At Vetelino Landscape Inc. we believe in taking on hardscapes that are necessary to the overall function of your landscape. Walkways, retaining walls and the like. Our hardscapes take on a timeless, natural feel by using more natural hardscaping elements than your typical interlocking blocks.


- Unique Outdoor Living Spaces: We would love to help you create an outdoor living space that is part of who you are, and also functions for what you are looking for within a landscape. Part of what makes us innovative and different are our additions of functional landscape features, such as pergolas or sheds, in addition to our whimsical garden elements.    

Our Landscape Process

1. Getting to Know You 

Completion of our LANDSCAPE QUESTIONNAIRE. It helps us come out to our meeting with you prepared. 

2. The Vision

Meet with our landscape designers at your home to discuss your space and answers to the questionnaire. 

3. The Finer Points

A deposit is taken to move forward with the project. A plant list is sent over for approval. The design and budget are finalized. 

4. The Preparation 

The materials are ordered. The yard is prepared for the build. If more elements are being considered such as irrigation or fencing, those are coordinated with the timing of the landscape install. 

5. The Build

The materials are delivered, final adjustments, and completion. Guidelines for caring for your newly installed landscape are given, and can be found HERE.

6. Your Vision Realized 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new yard.