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Care Guidelines for Turf and


Trees/Shrubs: Watering


Week 1 and 2: Water every day. Make sure it is a deep watering and that the water has reached the root zone. It is recommended that you water the soil directly, and avoid watering foliage, as this can increase the possibility of fungus or disease.

Week 3 and 4: Water every other day. Make sure it is a deep watering, you need to get down into the root zone.

Week 5: Water once a week, if necessary pending the weather. After the fifth week during the Fall, pending weather, water as necessary


Lawn Installation: Watering

1. After lawn has been seeded, water three times a day for five minutes.

2. After germination of the lawn; water for twenty minutes once a day.

3. After the grass has reached 3” in height water the lawn for twenty minutes every other day or every third day.


Sod Installation: Watering

1. 30 Minutes after sod has been installed, water in the sod making sure that water gets down to the subsoil which should be moist, with at least one inch of water.

2. In the first week after installation, water the sod every day with 1⁄4 inch of water as early in the day as possible to provide moisture during sunlit hours, again ensuring that the subsoil maintains its moisture.

3. In the second week following installation, water the sod every other day as above. 

4. In the three weeks after installation and beyond, water the lawn for twenty minutes every other day or every third day.


After Lawn Aeration: Watering and Mowing

If your lawn has only received aeration, it is important to water your lawn to break down the “cores” left behind and bring moisture into the newly exposed roots.

You can continue to mow as you normally would; Mowing will also help break up the cores and distribute any organic material left behind.



Overwatering, which can lead to root rot, which is common in areas where the soil consists of clay. Excess water will drain away slowly or not at all in clay soil. To test the drainage, dig a small hole and fill it with water. If it drains quickly within a few seconds or minutes, then the drainage should be fine. If it fills with water and stays that way for more than a few minutes or hours you will have to be very careful not to overwater your plants.

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